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Poets Road - The Wurdz

This autobiographical poetry collection recounts tales from the periphery  of society, illuminating, in the author’s words, “a life misspent without repent." Fellow outcasts will recognize themselves in these diverse themes, including social status, love, friendship, and the many hardships that constitute the human condition. For readers who have lived a safe distance from the underbelly of society—street life, hustling, prison, homelessness, addiction, and poverty—these raw, candid, and powerful poems allow them to vicariously experience the life of the ostracized.

Poets Road - The Wurdz - XAM EITSIRHC

“A visceral journey in non-conformity, Xam finds hope and beauty in the darkness with natural lyricism. Authentic and undeniable."

Bruce McCulloch (Writer/Actor/Director - Kids in the Hall/Young Drunk Punk)

“An ingenious and enigmatic poet/writer and spoken word artist dancing to the beat of his own drum. His autobiographical words, which are produced in prolific scenes and images routed into the reader’s and the listener’s mind, taking them on an original and eccentric journey of the metaphysical rhetorical questions of quanta and social boundaries of class distinction and acceptance, leaving the listener/reader pondering new concepts, thoughts and theories.”

Little Annie Anxiety Bandez (Singer/Musician/Artist)

“Xam Eitsirhc - The Snake Oil Poet – distils the passion of centuries into votives of truth that are poignant and filled with layers of poetic espionage. I love Xam’s work, rife with intrigue, metaphysical riddles, and existential despair.”

Sheri-D Wilson (Poet Laureate Emeritus of Calgary)

“Xam’s outlaw tradition of poetry in autobiographical context bellows forth from a time unrestrained and in gypsy fashion.”

Jeremiah Crow & His Insufferable One Man Show (Musician/Artist)

“If you want cries from the seedy underlife of North American big cities you should look here. Bukowski, Leonard Cohen it is not. This is more poisonous and you will need to suffer for your education.”

Benjamin Darvill (Musician- Crash Test Dummies/Son of Dave)

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Western Canada

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